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New Equipment

Hedge and windbreak maintenance

​In stock:  Multi Carrier HXF 2802 ; Barrier Mower RI 80 RH ; Quadsaw LRS 1601 RH

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GreenTec:  We are now your B.C. dealer!


Push trailers 

  1. manufactured in the UK
  2. two units available for demonstration

 Ventilation Systems:

Ventilation systems in livestock barns ensure the comfort, health and productivity of the animals.  There are three key and inexpensive ingredients, air, light, and water that produce healthy livestock.
1.  Curtain ventilation systems manual or fully automatic by Arntjen North America 
2.  Tip-in windows by Sun-North Systems Inc.
3.  Nova-Lite panels by Sun-North Systems Ltd.
4.  Insulated chimneys by Sun-North Systems Ltd.
5.  Exhaust fans by Sun-North Systems Ltd.
6.  Altra-Air fans by Envira-North Systems Inc.

Barn Equipment:

Our products focus on cow comfort, ease of operation and durability
1.  Meinen Brothers custom gates and fencing
2.  Complete line of GEA Royal de Boer barn equipment
3.  Stall mats and alley rubber flooring by Legend Rubber, Kraiburg, and GEA Royal de Boer

Calf Rearing:

Calf rearing can be a difficult task to manage, especially on large farms.  Let us help you.
1.  Meinen Brothers custom calf pens
2.  Calf hutches and indoor calf pens by Agri-plastics
3.  Milk shuttles and pasteurizers by Urban
4.  Calf feeders by Urban


By investing in the right equipment, you can make your farm more efficient and more profitable.  Ask us how we can save you money.
1.  Mixer wagons, stationary mixers, truck mount mixers and self-propelled mixer feeders  by Trioliet
2.  Automatic feeding system by Trioliet
4.  Silage cutters by AP Machine Construction
5.  Belt feeders by Patz

Manure Handling:

When it comes to manure, look no further.  We have a complete selection of equipment to serve your manure handling needs, from collection to recycling to spreading.  
Manure collection:
1.  Meinen Brothers custom manure scrapers
2.  Manure scrapers by GEA Royal de Boer barn equipment
3.  Manure agitators, conveyors and pumps by Patz
Manure recycling:
4.  Solid-liquid manure separating systems by Patz (Sepcom system)
5.  Bedding systems (using Sepcom and Patz technology)
6.  Meinen Brothers custom containerized separating system (using Sepcom & Patz technology)

Forage Equipment:

For forage equipment, the name to remember is VERMEER with a long history of success in this field.
1.  Tedders by Vermeer
2.  Rakes by Vermeer
3.  Mowers by Vermeer
4.  Balers by Vermeer
5.  Balers, multi-balers, bale shredders

Consummable Products:

1.  Bale wrap, silage covers, gravel bags by GEM
2.  Hoof care products by Intracare