Add a custom manufactured hay ring.


Customize your existing mixer wagon:

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Services we offer

The Cornerstone of Our Work

Meinen Brothers Agri Services Inc. offers many services in addition to our extensive product and equipment lines.

1. Barn design:  With over 30 years in the dairy industry and an extensive network of professionals, we are able to design the most efficient and cost effective barn to suit your individual needs.

2.  Rebuilding feed mixer wagons:  If a new mixer wagon is not in the budget, consider rebuilding an existing wagon – any make and model.

3. Repurposing old equipment:  Call and discuss creative solutions.  Example:  bedding wagons from old mixer wagons

4. Custom welding fabrication:  custom gates, fencing, brackets, etc.  all made from quality steel and materials sourced locally whenever possible

5. Mobile Welding: call us for on-site welding repairs​